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What are play streets?

Play Streets are temporary, resident-led street closures to through traffic, to make space for children to play safely where they live, and for communities to come together

Play Streets are amazing for mental and physical health, for childhood development, for strengthening communities, for promoting active citizenship…the list goes on! See 10 Good Reasons for Street Play for more info & links to research

Any road in Norfolk that isn’t on a bus route is eligible to host a Play Street. If you live on a bus route, why not link up with a friend who lives on a quiet side street to help host a play street there?

How to host a play street in 4 simple steps


Illustration of 2 neighbours, and man and a woman, talking animatedly over a hedge
Chat with your neighbours
about the idea


Invite everyone who
lives on the street


Play Out!!!
(oh and step 5: repeat!)

More info...

When you’ve decided on a date for your play street, you’ll need to get support from your neighbours. Download our consultation letter to help with thisIf your street has a WhatsApp group or similar, that can be a great way to first raise the idea. Playing Out made this brilliant introductory video, perfect for sharing.
Play Street sessions generally last about 3 hours and can be after school, on a weekend, or a bank holiday – whenever it works for you! In the last few years, many residents have chosen to host a play street on Norfolk Car-Free Day (in 2023 this is on Sunday 24th September, but it’s always the closest Sunday to World Car Free Day on 22 Sept)
A play street doesn’t have to be complicated: it doesn’t need food, drink or organised entertainment, you don’t even need to move all the parked cars. It’s simply about creating additional space for creative play and conversation. Don’t overthink it!
And please consider making Play Streets a regular occurence where you live – the more often they take place, the more the benefits of safer streets and stronger communities are realised.
Norfolk County Council have pledged to improve their procedure to make it easier to apply for repeated sessions – watch this space!

How we can help?

If you’re thinking about hosting a play street where YOU live, get in touch! We can offer oodles of support:

  • We can answer questions and hopefully allay any concerns
  • We can provide leaflets to spread the word on your street, and help you to pay for and print consultation letters. You can download our lealfet to print at home!
  • We can help design your street closure, and assist with your application form
  • We have play street kits that can be borrowed for your event (featuring road closure signage, a giant skipping rope, hi-viz vests for stewards & lots more)
A girl on a pink scooter, heading towards the camera. Other children play in the b/g by a row of parked cars


Who are Play Streets for?

Residents of any Norfolk street may apply to run a Play Street session (except those on bus routes). Neighbours must be consulted first. Play Street sessions are for the residents of that street, not the general public. Play Streets are not just for children! All residents are welcome to attend, join in, and get to know their neighbours.

What if I need to drive somewhere?

That’s fine! Road closures are stewarded by volunteers from the street so that residents and their visitors can still drive in and out of the closed area at walking pace, keeping everyone safe. The road is only closed to through traffic. If you need to leave by car from within the closed area, you simply need to alert a steward.

How are Play Streets different from a street party?

Sessions are generally shorter, residents of the closed area can still have car access, and the emphasis is on child-led free play and community building, rather than organised activities and food (though no one says no to tea and cake!).

Who is in charge of the children at a Playing Out session?

Parents are responsible for their own children at all times.

How can I get involved?

If Play Street sessions have been planned in your street, why not volunteer as a steward to direct resident cars? If Play Streets haven’t yet been organised for your street, chat to your neighbours and see if there is interest.


Message us on Facebook or send us an email if you have any questions about Play Streets.

If you’d like some of our leaflets to deliver on your street, use the request form below (or email us directly with any other questions!)

Unfortunately we can only deliver leaflets to the central Norwich area (NR1 - NR3)
We recommend leafletting every house that would be directly impacted by your play street

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We absolutely loved having a play street, it really brought the neighbours together. We finally engaged with people we’d lived next to for years. We’re much more of a community focused street now. Also the kids absolutely loved it, they now want the cars gone for good!
Smiling bearded man on sunny residential street
Norwich resident

Being outside on your street with your neighbours, connecting, sharing news, sharing food, friendship, laughter and not having to worry about traffic is just such a great idea…and watching children play safely is always a great feeling and epitomises what community is all about. Connectivity is everything,  humans need communities to live their most fulfilled, safe and meaningful lives. Bring on the party!

Smiling blonde woman
Norwich resident

Play Streets Norfolk is a local group of the nationwide Playing Out movement.
We are parents and residents advocating for play streets in Norfolk,
for all the pubilc health, social, and environmental benefits that they create.

Head to PlayingOut.net for masses of great resources to inspire you and your neighbours,
and to help you organise your own play street sessions